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Henhouse Foods

Henhouse Pancake Mix

Henhouse Pancake Mix

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Savor the taste of homemade culinary delight with Henhouse Pancake Mix. Crafted with premium whole ingredients, our just-add-water pancake mix takes the hassle out of making perfect pancakes, delivering a stack of delicious, fluffy pancakes in minutes. 

No need to worry about ratios or using up the last egg. With Henhouse, just whisk with water until the batter is as thick as heavy cream, pour onto a hot griddle, flip, and serve up with berries, butter, and syrup. Video instructions (and recipe inspiration!) are available on our Instagram @henhousepancakes. 

Ultra premium Ingredients: A blend of high-quality flour, milk, buttermilk, butter, and whole eggs. An ultra-premium combination crafted for flavor, fluff, and wholesomeness.

No added sugar: We believe pancakes are best served with sweet maple syrup, but Henhouse pancake mix has no added sugar. Butter delivers fluffiness and buttermilk gives you the tangy farm style flapjack we all love and crave.

Just add water: Cook and serve with pure maple syrup for effortless mornings and delicious flavor. Easily bring the warmth of the farmhouse kitchen to your table.


Handmade with care in Brooklyn, NY. Ships exclusively within New York State. Find us on the shelves of your local stores. Ingredients: Flour, dried whole milk, dried buttermilk, dried butter, dried whole eggs, baking powder, and salt. 

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