Premium pancake mix made in Brooklyn. Just add water!

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Effortless farm style pancakes

Just add water, cook, and serve premium Henhouse Pancake Mix for an effortless, delicious breakfast. Made with whole eggs, buttermilk, milk, and butter, our pancake mix is high in natural proteins with no added sugar.


About Henhouse

What is in Henhouse Pancake Mix?

Every batch of Henhouse Pancake Mix is hand crafted with premium natural ingredients. While most dry mixes on the market are glorified flour and baking powder, we rely on the power of dairy to bring you delicious, fluffy, farmhouse style pancakes the traditional way.

In every pouch you will find...

  • Unbleached white flour
  • Dried whole milk
  • Dried buttermilk
  • Dried butter
  • Dried whole eggs
  • Baking powder
  • Salt

How can I make perfect pancakes?

With Henhouse Pancake Mix, of course! With our premium mix, all you need to do is add water.

  1. Combine Henhouse Pancake mix with water until your batter reaches the desired thickness. We recommend the batter to be on the thinner side, so that the butter and baking powder in the batter can do the heavy lifting and make your pancakes airy and light: batter should be about as thick as heavy cream
  2. Pour batter onto a hot griddle to cook. This is the time to add fruit, like fresh blueberries!
  3. When bubbles form and pop on the surface, it's time to flip.
  4. Serve hot with butter and real maple syrup. Some of the best maple syrup in the world comes from New York's own Adirondack Mountains!

Want to learn more? Find us on Instagram @henhousepancakes for video instructions and inspiration!

Where is Henhouse Pancake Mix made?

Henhouse Pancake Mix is hand made in Brooklyn, New York.

Where can I buy Henhouse Pancake Mix?

Henhouse sells and ships exclusively within New York State.

As we grow, our commercial model will change and our premium pancake mix will be available nationwide! Sign up for our emails for news and updates about our availability.

Can I buy Henhouse gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards are available starting at $10.

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